Aims & Objectives

By , August 17, 2009 11:31 pm
  1. To maintain the close understanding and unity among the people of Jaintia, whole of Meghalaya and even inside and outside the country and to avoid political activies.
  2. To propagate and educate the community about the evils of alcohol, drugs, aids etc.and its effects an to manage any programmes for the same.
  3. To take up specific activities for the welfare and upliftment of the people, women, youth, children and the disabled in particular and cooperate with government and non-government agencies inside and outside the country and to take up welfare programmes for women and children like crèche, balwadis centre, counseling centre, orphanage activities etc.
  4. To render financial assistance, relief and first aid to the needy in times of hardships and difficulties and rendering services like relief materials, running an ambulance etc. for the community.
  5. To promote sports, social and cultural heritage and social activities amongst the youth, women and children irrespective of caste and creed for the building community.
  6. To encourage and equip the youths, women and children in the fields of education and Socio-economic programmes by holding Awareness programmes, Seminars, Training, Workshops, setting up of formal and non-formal schools in order to uplift the standard and economy of the community.
  7. To train youth and communities in the need for overall development of their personalities and talents, in all aspects of life, its moral, Health, Agriculture, Arts, Popularization of Science & Technology in rural areas etc. or anything relevant activities for raising the status of the society in different fields.
  8. Using all available media-printing, publishing journals, periodical books, pamphlets, report, reading materials etc.
  9. To undertake technical and non-technical Vocational Training to the people, youths, women, children and disabled in all different trades in order to generate self-employment opportunities to the community like tailoring, knitting training, embroidery, wood works, bamboo making, fruit processing, small scale industries, typing, computer etc. or any training which is benefited for the community.
  10. To enter into an agreement with any Government or non-government, State or Central inside and outside the country and obtain from the same all rights, concessional or privileges which seems conductive to the object of the society.
  11. To undertake any programmes related to Rural Entrepreneurship Development activities in order to build up the capacity of those who want to undertake entrepreneurs line for generating income and employment opportunity and to promote SHGs, micro-credit groups etc.

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